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NHS Evidence

The NHS Evidence portal, for information such as guidance and reports, has been recently updated. Improvements to the search function have been made, and new features introduced – the Accreditation Scheme and My Evidence.

The Accreditation scheme aims to identify organisations who have reached the highest standards in producing guidance, publications by these organisations are then awarded an accreditation mark- making them easily identifiable in search results.

“My Evidence” allows you to create your own space on NHS Evidence, saving searches and receiving personalised updates on new publications.

To find out more see: about My Evidence


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CLA Photocopy Survey

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is doing a Photocopy Survey.

You will see a bright yellow box in the photocopying room in the Library.

To take part in the survey, all you need to do is:

  1. make a photocopy of title page of the book or journal you are copying from
  2. stick on a label available from top of the yellow box
  3. record the number of pages and copies made
  4. post into the yellow box

The CLA website is

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