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Search Tool for Orthopaedics


OrthoEvidence ( is a search tool that focuses specifically on presenting high-quality evidence from within the field of orthopaedics.  Visit the website to see latest evidence published in a range of orthopaedic related journals.  Once you have registered with the site (free to join) you will have access to the full text of any reports featured on the site.

The website is designed to save the clinician time by

  • searching for randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses in over 60 orthopaedic journals each month,
  • critically appraising each included article,
  • creating a unique summary report (Advanced Clinical Evidence Report) which highlights the important take-home information.

This new resource is now also listed on our Evidence Based Resources page, click on the link to browse more resources available to help you find the best evidence.


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New Evidence Updates from NICE

The latest Evidence Updates from NICE have been published. New topics are:
Multiple pregnancy
Self-harm longer term management,
School based interventions to prevent the uptake of smoking among children and young,

These are available on the NICE Evidence Update page where you can browse all updates by specialty or by date

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Evidence Update: Alcohol use disorders: harmful drinking and alcohol dependence now available

A new Evidence Update on  Alcohol use disorders: harmful drinking and alcohol dependence Evidence Update January 2013 is now available.

NICE Evidence Updates help to reduce the need for individuals, managers and commissioners to search for new evidence, and keep health and social care professionals up-to-date with new research. While Evidence Updates do not replace current accredited guidance and do not provide formal recommendations, they do highlight new evidence that health and social care professionals may wish to consider alongside current guidance.

The new Evidence Update focuses on a summary of selected new evidence relevant to NICE clinical guideline 115 ‘Alcohol use disorders: diagnosis, assessment and management of harmful drinking and alcohol dependence’ (2011).


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NLH Specialist Libraries

Specialist Libraries are a key resource available from the National Library for Health. Designed to give health professionals a quick and easy way of accessing the best available evidence in their field. Resources are selected by a team of clinicians and information specialists to ensure their currency and relevancy. Each library can be searched or browsed using topic trees, and the results are grouped according to the type of information- so guidance documents are grouped together, as are evidence-based resources, patient information etc. Links to full text are made wherever possible.
You can find the list of specialist libraries at

Specialist Libraries also produce Annual Evidence Updates that highlight the best current evidence for important health-care topics. Watch out for regular posts on this blog highlighting the upcoming Evidence-updates or click here for a calendar.

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