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Search Tool for Orthopaedics


OrthoEvidence ( is a search tool that focuses specifically on presenting high-quality evidence from within the field of orthopaedics.  Visit the website to see latest evidence published in a range of orthopaedic related journals.  Once you have registered with the site (free to join) you will have access to the full text of any reports featured on the site.

The website is designed to save the clinician time by

  • searching for randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses in over 60 orthopaedic journals each month,
  • critically appraising each included article,
  • creating a unique summary report (Advanced Clinical Evidence Report) which highlights the important take-home information.

This new resource is now also listed on our Evidence Based Resources page, click on the link to browse more resources available to help you find the best evidence.


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Because we CARE- information searching on your behalf

Did you know that if you need to find some information and don’t know where to start, St. George’s Library can give help and advice on the best places to look and show you how to search in the most efficient way.

We also provide training on searching the best information resources to help you out.

BUT if you are too busy to do the search yourself, then we will do it for you! Use our CARES (Clinical and Research Enquiry Service) online form to contact us with the details of your clinical or research question and we’ll get back to you.

You can also request a CARES service by filling in a printed form available from the main library desk, or simply contact your librarian: Karen John-Pierre 020 8725 5441 or for PCT and remote NHS staff Milda Malakunas 020 8725 5433

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